NSM Initiative to Commence Licensing of SeeQVaultTM

Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba developed technology opens new business opportunities for high definition content viewing flexibility and security

Barcelona, Spain – February 25, 2013:  The Next Generation Secure Memory Initiative (NSM), led by Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba, begins licensing today of SeeQVault – a new, flash memory-based content security specification that allows secure storage and movement of files ranging from high definition entertainment content to sensitive data and other confidential material.  The specification is available to the broad range of companies that comprise the consumer electronics, entertainment and IT ecosystems.  NSM developed SeeQVault to enable the creation of software and hardware products that allow manufacturers, content service providers and others to offer consumers new capability in content flexibility, security and portability.

“SeeQVault opens new possibilities for consumers interested in storing and viewing their high definition content and other data across the range of home-bound and mobile devices, particularly those using the Android and Windows operating systems,” said NSM spokesperson, Victor Matsuda.  “Moreover, it creates exciting new opportunities and business models for consumer electronics, mobile device and IT industries, as well as for those who create and distribute high definition content.”  

SeeQVault enabled memory and devices will allow the storage and playback of premium high definition content across multiple devices with or without internet connectivity.  With SeeQVault enabled flash drives, SD cards, HDD and other media, consumers will be able to move high definition content across their various devices in a secure key-managed environment that provides dynamic flexibility for content consumption while offering superior intellectual property protection.

“The consumer shift toward mobile devices as a primary device on which they store and consume content continues to accelerate,” according to IHS senior analyst Paul Erickson. “With continuing increases in the number of smartphones and tablets on the market with HD and Full HD capable displays, consumer interest in the ability to transport and consume high definition content on the go is rising. And, from an industry perspective, it is encouraging to see some of the world’s largest manufacturers of Android and Windows-based devices moving this along.”

SeeQVault technology will be available for license from the NSM Initiatives, LLC by memory and device manufacturers, service providers and content creators and distributors.  The licensing terms and agreements for each type of licensee are available on a non-confidential basis via the NSM website found at www.nextgenerationsecurememory.com.

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About SeeQVault
SeeQVault technology creates a secure environment for the collection, movement and enjoyment of high definition content and protected data on almost any device, mobile or otherwise, anytime and anywhere, with or without internet connectivity.  An extremely versatile storage solution, the SeeQVault technology fosters the creation of new business models for the distribution of HD content as packaged media, acquired via online purchase, rental or subscriptions services, vending machines and kiosks, as well as for the storage and protection of sensitive data.  Developed by Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba, SeeQVault technology is licensed through the NSM Initiatives LLC.  

SeeQVault is a trademark of NSM Initiatives LLC.






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